Pure Enthusiasm

Grand Fortune Casino BannerMobilicious TeamThanks for coming to my site. I am Mobilicious and the sole creator of the most useful mobile gaming site around. My name is not really Mobilicious, but it in the gaming community. I have been rocking this scene since 2000.  However, there was always something missing for gamers like me. The ones, who look at this from the context of more than just a game, but a place to socialize, make new friends and compete in tournaments with others. It has opened the world to take in action from mobile casinos around the globe.

I am located in the United States with a small group of two enthusiasts. We are ladies in our thirties that met during a tournament, became friends, and now partners. Our goal is to take our experience and turn it into a useful tool for the rest of the gamers out there. We focused on the areas that are important for having a blast, while making some money, and winning great prizes. The guess work has been done for you.

online roulette_mobile casinoThis includes finding the best mobile casinos and mobile casino games that can be used with all the devices on the market. Those iPads, Blackberries, tablets and even Window users will find lots of possibilities to choose from. It will not stop there, because we have exciting plans to offer perks in the future as well as keeping the information fresh and current.

Who knows one day we may have our own tournament with a free mobile devices give away and a discount on the latest mobile casino games. The bottom line for us is to feature tips that highlight the best action for people on the go. Just to let you know how committed we are, the device we all game with is the iPad 2. The model with 132 GB, all in space gray. Check out our cool avatars with our favorite game next to it. Cheers, and see you around!