The Intersection of Social Media and Online Casinos

online casino_gamesHow intertwined are the spheres of social gaming and Australia casinos online? One of the best global regions to study these two Internet activities is Australia, where native online casinos are prohibited, but connecting to an offshore alternative is completely legal.

In mid-2014, Southern Cross University conducted research among 1,554 individuals who were queried about their social gaming and online casino habits as well as their attitudes towards these activities.

Most of the respondents in the study enjoy social games that have a certain casino element. These are games that combine a certain amount of skill with chance and lots of social engagement; a good example would be DoubleDown Casino in the United States, which features playful versions of traditional games such as blackjack and slots, but which do not require real money to play.

A Solid Business Model

online _casino&social_mediaWhat is happening in Australia with social gaming is very similar to the U.S. Even though players are not gambling with real money, they are spending quite a bit on micro-transactions, which involve virtual items and the right to access other sections of the online casino.

More than 30 percent of Australian teenagers who engage in social gaming believe that they can safely transition to online casinos and make money; however, the majority of respondents are not enthusiastic about abandoning their social game activities for online casinos.

How Social Media Augments the Online Casino Experience

More online casino operators are hiring social media managers to keep customers engaged and entertained. One of the major success factors of social gaming is that it is automatically integrated with social media. This means that players are constantly getting updates about how much fun their friends are having while they away. To this effect, online casinos can use social media as a sort of friendly concierge service for their players.

Play the Bridesmaids Slot Machine!

BridesmaidsDid you get a chance to see one of the greatest chick flicks of 2011? The film was call ed Bridesmaids, and the film grossed over 288 million dollars. This is an incredible haul! The film only cost about 32 million dollars to make. People believe the film was successful by blending engaging female characters with a bit of raunchy humor.

Girls and guys both loved the film! In fact, even gamblers seem to love the film. It’s true! A slot machine based on the hit movie finally hit Las Vegas in 2014. It has since expanded to numerous online casinos. Now anyone can get their gambling and Bridesmaids fix! The Bridesmaids Slot machines are easy to find.

Bridesmaids slot machineThey are decorated in pink with puppies and a multi-tiered wedding cake. There are five reels for the slot machine and 30 different pay lines. You can even play several different games. The bridesmaids online slot games are based on scenes from the movie. For example, in one game, you try to win the ladies food to eat without getting them food poisoning.

This is a reference to the hysterical portion of the movie where the group gets food poisoning just before trying on a collection of pristine wedding gowns. Some of the games trigger bonus games. You also get to watch clips from the movie during different games. It is the perfect slot machine for people who just can’t get enough of the hit movie!

The slot machine was designed to cater to the female gambler. However, there is plenty of fun for gamblers of both genders. Remember, the film Bridesmaids won big because it was popular with both men and women. Men who play the slot game just might win big as well! Find an online casino that offers the Bridesmaids slot machine today!

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The Best Social Scene Found in Las Vegas Casinos

The Venetian Resort Hotel CasinoSome people are interested in traveling to a Las Vegas Casino to get away from it all. They want to slink away inside of a dark casino to find a seat at a poker or blackjack table. Wearing dark sunglasses, they simply wish to remain anonymous and not have to interact with anyone.

However, other people travel to a Las Vegas casino for exactly the opposite reason. They want to meet people, shop, dine, gamble, and have a fantastic social experience. If this later person is you, do you know what casino you should visit? You should probably visit the largest casino in Las Vegas. This casino happens to be The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino.

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino has an incredible number of hotel rooms! The current total is 4,024. In addition, you can find 120,000 square feet of gaming space. This means you will be sure to interact with lots of interesting people. There is also the TAO Nightclub. This party center takes in over 60 million dollars in revenue annually.

The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

You can find two dance floors, an infinity pool stocked with beautiful fish, private cabanas loaded with entertainment, and an impressive Buddha statue. If you are going to Las Vegas to meet new people and have an incredible social experience, you should book a stay at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino.

Of course, you can still find moments of privacy at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. There are plenty of private gambling locations to spend time without the usual rabble of people. However, you will be able to make a smooth transition from privacy to the biggest social scene in the city by staying at The Venetian. It truly offers the best Las Vegas has to offer!

Social Media Poses Potential Gambling Risk for Teens

In an effort to appeal to a younger customer base, several online gambling companies in Australia are finding ways to advertise directly to teenagers on social media websites.

social media & gambling A study conducted by researchers at Southern Cross University shows that the Australian government does not have strict regulations in place when it comes to gambling companies placing advertisements on social media websites. The researchers argue that these advertisements encourage teenage gambling, which poses a wide range of social risks to Australian citizens.

More on Southern Cross University’s Gambling Study

Sally Gainsbury, a researcher at Southern Cross University, mentioned in a recent news interview that her team talked to more than 560 teenagers about teenage social media habits and gambling perceptions during the course of their year-long study.

Gainsbury and the other sociologists at Southern Cross University also interviewed 1554 adults about how gambling-related advertisements found on social media platforms affected how those adults gambled online. The researchers found that more than 10% of the adults that were interviewed claimed that gambling advertisements increased their tendency to gamble.

The Link between Social Media and Teenage Gambling

social media_gamblingAccording to Gainsbury, this link between gambling and social media advertisements indicates that social media advertising could potentially lead to higher rates of gambling addiction in Australia.

The Southern Cross researchers also expressed concern that gambling companies are taking advantage of teenagers. In fact, more than 15% of the teenagers surveyed admitted to gambling on the Internet. The same percentage of kids also said that they had directly engaged with at least one gambling company while using their preferred social media platform.

Finding the Right Solution

Anti-gambling groups in Australia argue that the easiest way to eliminate the possibility that teenagers might find gambling websites through social media networks is to strengthen the country’s digital advertising regulations. Sally Gainsbury and her research team also believe that the Australian government should consider changing various advertising laws to keep kids safe from gambling addiction.

Roulette in Casablanca

online roulette The roulette wheel is often a symbol of pure luck. It also has a seedy side by representing the very real possibility of losing everything. However, the roulette wheel can also symbolize hope. You can certainly win big. You can also help someone out when that person needs it most. That is at least what happens in the movie Casablanca.

There is an underappreciated scene in this movie that takes place at a roulette wheel. Remember, the protagonist Rick owns a night club where people gamble happily into the night. It comes to the attention of Rick that a young couple is faced with a horrible dilemma. He decides the roulette wheel just might be able to help them out.

The situation is simple. A newly wed couple is desperate to get out of the country just like everybody else. They can buy visas to leave, but they are hopelessly expensive. The chief of police offers the wife a deal. If she sleeps with him, he will foot the bill to get both her and her husband out of the country.

online_rouletteRick learns about this and knows the woman will have to do it unless the couple can win enough money. Having compassion, Rick fixes the roulette wheel to land on the husband’s last bet. This allows the couple to win enough money to get the visa without having to resort to the horrific offer made by the chief of police.

This is just one of many great roulette scenes found in Hollywood. If you are ever looking for a good bet on the roulette wheel, you can always hope the ghost of Rick will help you out too. Bet on the number 22. That is the number that gave the young husband his needed payout. Maybe it will pay for you too!

An Unshuffled Deck Brings Baccarat Drama

online_baccaratPeople often associate a little bit of hustling with blackjack and poker. They know that there are people out there willing to cheat to win. They also know there are lucky people who win big in those games that run the risk of looking like a cheat. The result is often a bit of a showdown between the player and the casino.

Sometimes, it is hard to know who is right. However, did you know that this type of thing happens with other card games as well? It’s true! Back in 2012, a man playing baccarat at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City won a stunning total of $149,050. Unfortunately, the man isn’t seeing a dime of his winnings.

The casino accused him of cheating and seized the money before he could depart with it. Hua Shi won big because he was paying attention. He noticed that the baccarat table was using an unshuffled deck. Once recognizing the pattern, he was able to win for an impressive 41 hands. 14 people were at the lucky table.

online blackjackThis included Shi and two of his friends. Shi claims thuggish men broke into his hotel room a following night and kept him in a room for eight hours. The casino also refused to cash in his chips. The casino claims no one should have won any money because of the error with the unshuffled deck. Shi claims he won fair and sqaure.

The casino should learn how to manage their games better. Shi filed a lawuit to collect his winnings and damages from the alleged harrassment. Who knew such drama could come from a game of baccarat? It goes to show anything can happen in gambling. Also, it teaches us to watch for unshuffled decks in baccarat and to get out with your winnings as soon as possible!

Crapless Craps: Where Every Number is a Point

Crapless Craps In the game of craps, there’s nothing quite like stepping up to the table and letting that first roll fly. But throwing the come-out roll always brings a bit of dread for shooters, who know that a 2, 3, or 12 means crapping out and a lost bet for the pass line bettors. For that reason, a kinder and gentler version of the standard rules known as Never Ever Craps, or Crapless Craps, was developed.

There’s no losers on the come out roll in Never Ever Craps. Instead the craps points join the rest of the point throws, as does the 11, which doesn’t win on the come-out roll. This gives the dice-thrower six chances to win on the initial roll, with no risk of losing. Of course, with the more generous come-out rules comes lower chances for winning on the rest of the game.

online crapsSince you can’t win on an 11, the house edge on a no-odds pass line bet improves–5.38 percent versus 1.41 percent, to be precise. With 1X odds, the house edge is 2.94 percent for Never Ever Craps versus .85 percent for traditional rules. Place bets on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 keep the traditional house edges (6.67 percent for rolling 4 or 10; 4 percent for 5 or 9; and 1.52 percent for 6 or 8).

The worst wagers for Never Ever players are place bets on the 2 or 2 (7.14 percent for the house) and on the 3 or 11 (6.25 percent to the house). It’s nice to know you can always keep throwing; unfortunately, that also means the odds favoring the establishment in this popular casino game get even worse.

Keno: A Look at One of the Oldest Games Known to Man

KenoKeno is one of the most exciting gambling games around today. It is also considered to be one of the oldest. Researchers believe Keno has been in existence for nearly 2,000 years. Its roots have been traced to the Han Dynasty of China.

The original form of Keno required players to select ten Chinese characters out of 120. The game’s popularity can be credited to Chinese workers who came to the United States in the 1800’s during the birth of the railroad dynasty.

Keno gained a tremendous popularity in many towns of the West, but many Americans had a difficult time in mastering the principles of the game. In 1936, the game was revised by Francis Lyden. Lyden was an experienced pit boss at the Palace Club in Reno, Nevada. Lyden introduced Arabic numbers to the game and reduced the total numbers to 80. He also added racehorse names to the numbers to get the game legalized in Nevada.

Power KenoLottery games were illegal in the state at that time, but horse racing was legal. Lyden, the bright visionary, called it “Racehorse Keno.” Lyden’s efforts pushed the game into the spotlight. The name was shortened to Keno in 1951. Lyden changed the name to avoid potential tax issues with the United States Government.

Some consider Keno to be a bad bet because the house retains a significant high percentage. However, Keno is designed for pure entertainment and offers players high payoffs for a modest wager. Some players are well-known for watching the numbers light up on the board in the Keno lounge for hours.

Other players love playing Keno while enjoying their favorite meal. Keno is a slow-paced game that does not require deep strategy. It is important for you to remember that it is a game of chance. Concentration is one of the main keys to becoming a winner. It is also vital for you to avoid falling in love with numbers.